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Kayla with Javier Soria designer of Visori

Visori is a brand created by the stylist Javier Soria achieving a symbiosis between Fashion and Art. He has worked with designers like Francis Montesinos, Jose Zambrano, Luxoir, Ellen Pande and Escorpion among many others. 

In the collection he presented in this catwalk, we can see the concern with an immoral, selfish society always related to mortality by the inner evil in people and battles.

the most curious thing is the duality of the show, which combines an apocalyptic style with a more futuristic one, keeping the cohesion with can be identified as “dark vibes” especially identified in the makeup.


  • Among the most outstanding trends in the collection are layering and volumes, which are seen in puffed sleeves and dresses.

  • However, what strikes us most is a large number of masks of different materials, as a premonition of society’s recent obsession with this element.

  • Another trend identified is the metalized details in dresses, suits, and boots.

  • Finally, we can see the transparencies and splits and the use of lace cloth both in women and men’s outfits.




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