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Whether you’re staying at home, or you finally get the chance to celebrate with your loved ones, New Year’s Eve is the perfect time to wear your best outfits. If time is short, and you still don’t know what to wear, here I bring you the top 5 low-cost dresses for New Year’s Eve. Looking stylish doesn’t always mean spending a lot of money.

The sequin mini dress is one of the sexiest options. Gives light, it is festive and never fails if you’re going to spend New Year’s Eve in a night-club with your friends.

And because it’s short, you can wear it with a pair of flashy shoes: heels with ribbons up to the knee, over-the-knee boots; or fancy stockings.

The tweed-style dress, for the cold-natured ones. This outfit is ideal if you are going to have dinner with the family, as it is more traditional and you can wear in a more casual style or more dressed up as it fits the two styles.

This option is also a good investment because you can wear it both in winter with a warm sweater, and in spring with a shirt.

A slip dress is a must in this selection. With a flowing silhouette, it is one of the most feminine styles, and it is adequate for a more intimate New Year’s Eve.

Some options to wear it to are, spending NYE with your partner, getting dinner in a fancy restaurant… After the holidays you can also use it to attend weddings and fancy parties.

This navy blue dress seems ideal. Despite being low-cost it, gives a high-end feeling and maintains elegance with the long sleeves, but also has a seductive touch with the cut-outs.

I would wear it to a more formal party in a club.

Finally, if you are going to spend a New Year in the countryside, a ruffled dress in neutral tones (salmon pink, camel, cream…) is an excellent option. In rural places, usually predominates yellow light and wooden furniture. Thus, to make the dress look good is better to wear warm colours so that they are not affected by this type of light so your colour choice can be appreciated.

The dress chosen in this case is also midi, which prevents it from dragging on the floor and getting stained if you want to go outside.

What about you? Do you already know what style you’re going to wear on New Year’s Eve?

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