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Adidas x Prada

The new collaboration between Adidas and Prada will be available next Thursday, January 13, through the e-commerce platforms of both brands, as well as in selected shops of the Italian brand. The collaboration also includes a virtual event in the “Metaverse”, which aims to create a digital community.

Although the two brands have previously collaborated in 2019 and 2020 to create the Adidas Superstar and Prada Superstar trainers, this year they have decided to increase their collaboration.
They created a ready-to-wear collection, accessories, and, of course, trainers as the emblem of the collaboration.

This collaboration brings us with the comfort of the Adidas clothing, a much more sober and formal design, brought by Prada.
This shows the evolution taking place in the world of sportswear, which allows sportswear to be included in other everyday situations, blending comfort and elegance.

Finally, the most awaited part of the collaboration, the Italian leather forum shoe. It will be available in four versions: high top and low top in total white or total black.

The most characteristic element of the trainers is the removable nylon pocket, which refers to the iconic little bag of the Italian house and is being included lately in most of their shoes. But if you prefer to remove it, the Prada logo is included on the tongue.

Although the Prada-modified Forum has a lot of potential, the first two collaborations were very successful in terms of sales, but they didn’t really make an impact in the fashion world. The first collaboration was kind of overshadowed with Adidas’s 50th anniversary and the second didn’t quite convince streetwear lovers.

So it will definitely be a hit for all those trainer collectors who are always on the lookout for exclusive trainers, but… what about the rest of the fashion world? Will it be as popular as expected? What do you think?

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