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Colourful Pants

The trousers that are going to replace blue jeans are fun, daring and colourful!
With the arrival of spring, it’s time to say goodbye to blue jeans and welcome colourful trousers. And that’s why today we bring you the top 10 colourful pants from Bershka, so you can expand or renew your wardrobe.

Of the ten pairs of trousers, the first five are from the women’s section and the next five are from the men’s section.

Femenine Pants:

In this selection, I have chosen trousers with a lot of personality, so that they are easy to combine with trainers and a white t-shirt, a crop-top and heels. Keeping them as the central piece of the outfit can generate several outfits keeping a youthful and casual style.

Masculine Pants:

In this second selection, I’ve also chosen quite striking trousers. As the men’s section is much more casual, these trousers would look good with plain t-shirts or sweatshirts and trainers.

In order to combine this pants, the best advice is to combine them with some plain clothes. In some cases it is possible to combine flashy clothes with equally flashy ones; however, stylistically it is very risky and can lead to horrendous disasters. Some of the pants chosen are definitely a more urban style, so they would look great with sweatshirts or crop tops, but some of them could be used for more dressed up outfits combining them with a blazer, a blouse/shirt or a vest.

Do you already have colourful pants, or this trend was new for you? Let us know in the comments!!

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