Posted on: April 21, 2020 Posted by: Kayla Davys Comments: 0

The cardigan is a type of jacket that after having been introduced at the beginning of the season as one of the most promising garments, has achieved incredible popularity during our stay at home.
Today I bring you my favorite version of the cardigan that can be used both for this season that we are going to be at home and for when we start going out.

Combining the colors of the season, pastel pink and lilac as well as other pastel colors, it has kind of a naive style so trendy right now.
For staying home I would combine it with some kind of sweatpants, as the next model does, but also with some sneakers instead of military boots. (I would leave some examples here)

To go out I would combine the cardigan trying to create a casual outfit, probably with similar options to the ones here.

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