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Sunglasses can be a great fashion statement or just a way to protect your eyes from the sun. But when you need a new pair, how do you know which sunglasses will suit you?

With this post we start our summer campaign: “Perfect sunglasses for a perfect summer” in which we will show you step by step how to choose the sunglasses you need for this summer. We will start with the essentials, YOU, and continue with the different trends and styles available.

Surely after reading the title of this post you’re asking yourself right now, how does it benefit me to know my face type, and the answer is that it benefits you a lot! Especially to make decisions about your sunglasses.

That’s why today I’m going to explain the different face types, so you can find out which sunglasses suit you best and pick from the most flattering trends!

This post has been written thanks to the advice given by Visualis, the pictures taken by Emi Camarasa and our incredible group of models: Ionela Bona, Andreea Bona, Javier Boix, Roberto Andrade, Carlos Oltra and me.

Here is a guide to the names of the sunglasses to be used.

Shape of the face:


Angular shapes are the following faces:

  • Square face: If your forehead and jaw have very similar widths.
  • Heart face or inverted triangle: If you have a wide upper part (forehead, cheekbones) and a narrow jaw.
  • Diamond or hexagonal face: If your forehead and jaw are narrow and your cheekbones are prominent.
  • Triangular face: If your forehead is narrow and your jawline is wider.

To create contrast and make the glasses stand out on angular faces, rounded frames such as aviators, pantos, or wayfarers are used. But if you are looking for more harmony you can use rectangular, cat eye or squared glasses.


The second type of face is rounded:

  • Oval face: If your face is elongated.
  • Circular face: If the length and width of your face are similar and without marked features.

In this case the styles of glasses are used the other way round, the angular glasses (biker, cat eye, club master) contrast with the rounded face, as they provide structure and the rounded glasses, by continuing with the soft lines of the face, provide homogeneity (pantos, round eye, wayfarer).

There are also some other features that influence the shape of your face when you have to choose new sunglasses and that you should take into account.


The upper part of the frame of the glasses should always be just below the eyebrows and follow their shape, because if the eyebrows are visible below the glass, it is not flattering. For thick eyebrows, thinner, lighter metal frames that leave the face uncluttered should be used so as not to darken the face. In the case of thinner, narrower eyebrows, to provide some structure that eyebrows do not give, slightly more maximalist glasses are recommended, with thick or decorated frames.


The nose holds the glasses, so it is always relevant. For those with a more prominent nose, glasses with thicker frames are recommended, so that the glasses gain prominence on the face. For people with a very thin nose or who have a low nose bridge, sunglasses with an adjustable nosepiece are recommended for comfort.


For people who, due to age, are starting to notice some sagging skin, we recommend frames that have a slight upward tilt to give a bit of a lifting effect. It is also recommended that the frames are light and modern, as classic frames can make you look older.

As we can see, the most important thing when choosing sunglasses is the shape of the face. However, we have to look at other elements that stand out on our face and that can have an impact on how one design or another looks on us.

And you, what type of face do you have? Did you know it, or have you discovered it today?

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