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Sporty Sunglasses

With this post we continue our summer campaign: “Perfect sunglasses for a perfect summer” and I will show you the first style: sporty sunglasses. The trend for sporty sunglasses is hotter than ever. With the right frames, you can look sleek and sophisticated while keeping the sun out of your eyes. Decide which ones suit you best, and you’ll never look back.

What do Kim Kardashian, a cyclist and the latest Burberry fashion shows have in common? It sounds like the start of a bad joke, but the answer will surprise you. It is Sporty sunglasses, or as they are known in the US, Gas station sunglasses, which are causing furore among both fashion icons and big brands.

And Kim Kardashian is not the only fan of this type of sunglasses (mainly Balenciaga), as other icons such as Rihanna have also been spotted wearing turquoise sporty sunglasses (Gucci).

This post has been written thanks to the advice given by Visualis, the pictures taken by Emi Camarasa and modelled by Javier Boix. Friendly reminder that this is not a paid article and the brands mentioned are recommended because after my research I think those are the best.

The curious thing is that this style of sunglasses in the United States, for example, is part of the “father” stereotype and in Europe, for example, they are used by sportsmen and sportswomen. The athletes use sporty sunglasses without any kind of differentiation between men and women, as the comfort that these glasses provide is the most important thing.

Without a doubt, we can affirm that this trend is definitely unisex and that it allows not only futuristic looks with a touch of the 2000s but also super comfortable and useful for the thousands of trips this summer. (If you do not know yet what kind of sunglasses would suit your face type, check our post about face types)

Here are the two brands of sport sunglasses that have convinced me the most of the great variety that exists, and both can be considered unisex, although they have collections of sport sunglasses for men and sport sunglasses for women.

Sporty Sunglasses

Oakley Sunglasses:

If you are looking for sporty sunglasses with all the guarantees from Oklams we definitely recommend the Oakley brand, worn by sportsmen such as Valentino Rossi, Rafa Nadal, etc. They are designed for outdoor activities and their photochromic glass adapts to different conditions so that the sun does not dazzle you, or you see everything too dark.

In addition, they are polarized glasses, which allows the glare produced by light reflecting on surfaces to be blocked by the glasses, preventing glare that can not only be annoying, but also dangerous when driving, for example.

Finally, being sports glasses, they prioritize sharpness compared to other sunglasses whose lenses slightly distort the distance with which we perceive objects.

Arnette Sunglasses:

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative but with all the advantages of a sport sunglasses… We have the solution for you! And it’s called Arnette. This brand is also very integrated in the sport’s world and is a sponsor of sporting events such as Formula One, or moto GP and with ambassadors such as Dani Pedrosa.

These glasses are an international icon because they are chosen by those who consider themselves creative, youthful and carefree.

Many of their glasses are also polarized and include UV protection. In addition, they have a strong commitment to the environment, which they demonstrate by manufacturing the glasses with renewable materials and using recycled materials for all packaging.

Finally, for the younger audience, they have recently released a collaboration with Zayn Malik, ex-member of the famous boy band One Direction.

In conclusion, whether you are going to spend August doing summer sports, discovering new cities or simply want to have a sporty look, sports sunglasses or gas station sunglasses are a trend to take into account if you prioritize comfort in your day-to-day life.

What would you wear a pair of station sunglasses for? For a sporty outfit or for sports?

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  1. Me la pondría para todo. Me encantan para hacer deporte y también para pasear. Protegen los ojos tanto del del como del aire.
    Me encanta tu artículo. Nunca había leído sobre las gafas de gasolinera.
    Espero con ganas la tercera parte.

    1. Son las mejores a la hora de proteger la vista, eso es un hecho, porque están preparadas para condiciones extremas. Pero también quedan monísimas para el día a día!

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