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Different sarongs and their styling collage summer  beach jeans
Pareos playa verano outfit falda vaqueros bikini bañador

The sarongs are the quintessential summer garment; Beach, pool and even city become perfect scenarios to use it, as Vanessa Hudgens and Olivia Palermo have shown in their latest street syle looks.

In today’s post I will explain how to make four different sarong models and some variation to give them a different look.

Side slit skirt

For this model, the waist is surrounded by the two corners of the sarong, giving a complete turn and knotting on the side where the turn has been started. Once that is done, it adjusts so that one leg is exposed.

An alternative may be to adjust the skirt so that the slit is in front.

“Greek” sarong

For this outfit we will place the sarong under one of our armpits and we will tie over the other shoulder. To avoid leaving one side of our body in the air, we will make a knot between the two sides of the opening.

Another option is, using a hair band we pass the two pieces of fabric inside and knot the ends on the opposite side of the body.

Indian Sarong

For this look we will cover our bodies from behind with the sarong and crossing the two corners we will tie them behind the neck.

One way to style this model is by adding a belt.

Strapless sarong

For this model we will do as with the previous one and we will cover our body from behind, this time making a knot in the front.

As a next step you can make a knot with the two spare ends or tie them behind the neck, as shown below.

Which one was your favourite? Let me know in the comment’s section! <3

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