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Yesterday, September 8th, the iconic Elizabeth II passed away. Such was her international recognition, that with the mere mention of “The Queen” she was recognized around the globe, and all the world’s great dignitaries have shown their condolences.
Deeply saddened by this loss, we present to you today, her favourite looks in this farewell post.

The late Queen Elisabeth II’s passing has brought about a great deal of reflection on her life and reign. The Queen, although she always promoted a mainly austere style, demonstrated her taste for fashion by attending various events and even had a very personal style that is reflected in current trends and even in the rest of the royal family.

Undoubtedly, the monarch has leaned throughout her reign towards colour block outfits, which have made her very recognisable among public figures and, despite some difficulties that these looks present as they are all the same colour, they have been chosen with tremendous taste.

Likewise, when she has liked an outfit, she has never been ashamed to wear it repeatedly, which for me shows a greater commitment to the world of fashion, as she values the garment and puts the value she gives it before the materialism she could fall into by having practically every garment in the world at her disposal.

Continuing with the outfits themselves, although I consider the colour block style to be the queen’s most outstanding style, she has had many other outfits and details that have been accepted by fashion lovers without a doubt.

One of these accessories, which can be considered one of the Queen’s favourites, is the headscarf, and it is not missing from her outings in the countryside in Windsor and Scotland. But she also uses it for events in the city, such as the inauguration of a metro station, where she wore a dress with a matching headscarf and a fur coat.

Another accessory that has become a staple in the monarch’s wardrobe is the hat, rumoured to have more than 5,000 and that “The hat is a reminder that the Queen is engaged for a service, for a job,” reads the book HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style. When designing the hats, usually in the same colour as the rest of the outfit, even the height was taken into account, so that the head would not be hit on the head when getting out of official cars.

The two-piece suits have also been very characteristic of the monarch from her youth until her last moments, demonstrating, as with the hats, that the queen wore working attire for many of her official acts, as she considered being a monarch, her work.

It should also be remembered, that Queen Elizabeth II was also young and her official party looks, with sequins and her large collection of jewellery, which is now used by the younger generation of royals, are outfits that can certainly not be forgotten. And of course we will not deny that the Queen has always worn her party outfits impeccably, even when getting older.

Finally, the colours worn by the monarch. Although it may seem casual, the Queen’s choice of such vivid colours for her outfits had a practical thought behind it, which was to be seen quickly by everyone, her nationals and her secret service.

This aspect of her attire has also been passed on to other members of the royal family, making it undoubtedly her most influential stylistic decision.

And for you? What has been Queen Elizabeth II’s most iconic outfit? Let me know!

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