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The Oscars are one of the most awaited events in the film industry and have one of the most talked-about red carpets, and how can it be otherwise, not only the awards are taken into account, but also the styles with which the guests are presented. And now the long-awaited analysis!

Let’s start with the most stately outfits and without a doubt, we have to mention Liya Kebede‘s, who wore a burgundy Alaïa dress with a very striking sweetheart neckline, which perfectly combined elegance with novelty and femininity.

The other more stately dress was Jada Pinket‘s, who combined an emerald green Jean-Paul Gautier Couture dress with a large volume in the skirt and ruching on the torso. Jada was one of the most talked-about due to the controversy between her, Chris Brown and her husband Will Smith, who was also one of the evening’s awards winners.

Kristen Stewart was also in the spotlight, but this time just because of her outfit. After the organizers’ request to wear dresses below the knee was considered old-fashioned by a large part of society, the actress decided to go for shorts, which, not being a dress, did not go against the request. This challenge to The Academia has not gone unnoticed and has been widely applauded.
The suit has the emblematic Chanel style and the colours are a sure success, black and white. In another context, it probably would not have been so relevant, so it is curious how a garment in different contexts has a completely different impact.

Other outstanding outfits were those of Zendaya and Uma Thurman, both considered among the best dressed of the night and with the white shirt in common. This staple is not often seen on red carpets, yet it was flawlessly combined in both cases.
The Euphoria actress, who wore a cropped shirt, paired it with a foot-length silver Valentino skirt. The unbuttoned shirt gave her a much more youthful and casual look.

Uma Thurman, however, chose a much more minimalist and austere style with a black skirt (with pockets!) by Bottega Veneta. Unlike Zendaya, she wore the long-sleeved shirt buttoned up and tucked in.

My favourite outfit from the Oscars was without a doubt Jessica Chastain‘s outfit. In this case, it is clear that to make an excellent outfit you don’t only have to take into account the clothes, but also all the details such as hairstyle and hair tone, jewellery, etc… The spring/floral style, as I mentioned in my PFW post, has quickly become one of my favourites, so this outfit was love at first sight. The gradient with rhinestones reminds me of a sunset in a flowery garden.

Others that followed the spring style are Lily James‘ Atelier Versace, in light pink and lace, with romantic vibes, which is a real hit. Also, Saniyya Sidney‘s floral Armani Privé dress is reminiscent of the dresses in the new Bridgerton season. We also have to take into account Zoë Kravitz‘s pale pink satin dress by Saint Laurent; this actress should be kept on our radars as she can have a bright future as a fashion icon besides as an actress.

This style also includes many dresses with cut-outs, as is the case of Emilia Jones, with a dreamy golden dress by Dolce&Gabbana; or Megan Thee Stallion, with a dress that in addition to a very spring-like Lapis Lazuli blue colour reminds us of the old Hollywood actresses with a sweetheart neckline by designer Gaurav Gupta.

If you analyse them, these cut-out dresses play the same role as Kristen Stewart’s vindictive shorts, because although the fabric reaches down to the floor, they show the legs in almost the same way, so it seems to me that the Academy’s demands are not only ridiculous but also a little incoherent because this demure style is only requested in length. Moreover, on a red carpet, where both messages that support the guests and their taste are conveyed and where the best stylists show their work, they should not try to put restrictions because they, as professionals, already know what is appropriate and what is not.

Finally, the men’s outfits. I tend to have mixed feelings, as apart from Billy Porter and Harry Styles (who were missed), most men still go for the traditional suits, which leaves little room for creativity and differentiation, but some subtle details can be found. It should also be noted that the organizers of the Oscars also put restrictions on the men, asking them to wear all black suits, which, thankfully, not all of them did.

Those who managed to differentiate themselves by combining the partially black suit with other details were Joe Jonas in a suit decorated with sequins, Timothee Chalamet, shirtless in a black lace suit by Louis Vuitton and David Oyelowo in a suit with yellow and black flowers.

The most classic were Will Smith in a suit with a black waistcoat and tie by Dolce & Gabbana, Andrew Garfield in a burgundy velvet blazer and black trousers, shirt and bow tie and Kevin Jonas with a full black satined suit.

And finally, we had a curious pair of men who opted for pastel suits which are not so common and I applaud that they are brave enough to dress at the Oscars with colours that are considered feminine by some people. In baby blue, we have Kodi Smit-McPhee in a matching Bottega Veneta suit and shirt. In pastel pink, we have Sebastián Yatra wearing a Moschino suit combined with a pair of shoes with pink details.

Which outfit did you like the most, let us know below!

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  1. Lily James, sin duda. Y Andrew Garfield que podía haberse puesto el de David Oyelowo para ir a juego con su apellido.

    Un gran reportaje con muchas curiosidades.

    Gracias, Kayla

    1. ¡El de Lily James era un vestido muy romántico que estaba destinado al éxito!
      Y la verdad es que si Andrew Garfiel algún día decidiera vestirse haciendo referencia a su apellido sería todo un bombazo! (Cruzo los dedos para que pase)
      Me alegro de que te hayan gustado las curiosidades y gracias a ti por leerme 😀

  2. Me han gustado casi todos pero en elspecial el estilismo de Zendaya.
    Muchas gracias
    Ya tenía ganas de leer tu nuevo artículo

    1. También es de mis favoritos, es un estilismo muy juvenil que puede ser adaptado para cenas elegantes, especialmente ahora en primavera.
      Un saludo y gracias por leerme 🙂

  3. Hay algunos conjuntos que no había visto y me han gustado bastante, un buen resumen de los looks de los oscar!😌

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