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We all know that it’s important to know how to create elaborate outfits—you can’t just throw together any old thing and expect it to look good! But what about those basics of your wardrobe? How do you look amazing without being too flashy? Learn how to style a cute minimalist outfit for the beginning of autumn!

Today I present a minimalist outfit, as well as knowing how to create elaborate outfits, it is also important to know how to create outfits with those basics of our wardrobe; as well as knowing how to look good without being too flashy. I chose this colour palette inspired by the end of summer and the beginning of country autumn, inspired by the colour of the wheat, the dry leaves and the trees shining with a few showers.

Green shorts

From the Renatta & Go. The olive green colour makes them perfect for the last days of summer, as the vivid colours have been worn for a long time and it feels more like wearing earthy colours.

I like the wide shape of the trousers because it makes a flowing style which is much more comfortable and because they are wide they are cooler, so you can wear them all day long and don’t get overheated in the middle of the day, in the morning you can wear them because the fabric is thick and resistant, which is also good for sitting on the floor etc. Finally, it has giant pockets, which are definitely useful for storing things without dropping or losing them.

Camel T-shirt

This camel-coloured t-shirt from Zara is definitely a wardrobe staple. Just like the trousers, it’s designed for warmer-coloured outfits and can be paired with jeans or a skirt.

You can wear it to go out for a drink or to the office, as it is neither too sporty nor too formal. The short sleeves but without being a tank top make it useful for those places that ask you to dress more modest, and being made of cotton prevents you from getting too hot.


I choose sandals because the end of summer and the beginning of autumn are still extremely hot where I live, and the outfits obviously have to provide maximum comfort and adapt to your situation. They are dark brown as I think this colour goes well with all outfits and in all situations, both with casual and more formal outfits and during day and night events.

Fanny Pack

The fanny pack is brown to match the sandals, but slightly lighter to have a middle point between the sandals and the t-shirt and finish homogenizing the colour palette. It’s an ideal accessory when you’re going to spend the day outdoors because you can hang it in different ways. Besides, being smaller makes you choose what you really need that day and not carry unnecessary things that make you go loaded for no reason.

In conclusion, I hope you have learned a lot about what goes into creating an outfit. It is easy to dress up our outfits with accessories and flashy clothes, but I think it is important to know how to create a minimalist outfit as well that makes you feel like a real fashionista.

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I hope you liked my minimalist outfit! And you, how would you have styled it? Let me know in the comments!

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