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With the arrival of the good weather comes the wedding season, and the new collection by Valencian designer Miguel De Cruces is ideal for these more formal events. The collection is very maximalist, and the designer states that it is inspired by the Sistine Chapel and the figure of the baroque church as a patron of art and a symbol of splendour.

With designs for day and night events, the collection takes us back to the baroque era, where the maximalism turns into voluminous, blood-red and purple fabrics, referring to the bishops and cardinals. These colours transmit pure strength and mixed with the soft pastel tones found in the daytime outfits, it generates a very versatile collection, with options for all tastes.

With a softer and more romantic style, we have different dresses in pastel tones. Using floral elements and bows, a much more delicate style is created, for those who prefer to attend ceremonies with more feminine outfits.

There were also a lot of designs made in golden fabrics. As we have said before, this is a very maximalist collection and gold could not be missing, because it is the maximalist colour par excellence and because it is undoubtedly closely related to divinity and the church.

One of the most used elements, and one that has caught my attention, is the cape. This element, quite modernized, is also presented in different styles, transparent and flowing; with princess vibes; but also opaque and with puffed or lantern sleeves.
It is not a regular garment, but if it returns to the streets in a more general way, with the royal core aesthetic, I think it could be a trend over the next few years.

There is also a mix of different textures, such as volumes and feathers, to create a contrast within the outfits and a homogeneity in the overall collection. Volumes are a trend that took hold a couple of years ago and without a doubt, they continue to be one of the favourite trends of fashion insiders. Regarding feathers, we have seen them present both in Zara collections and on social media profiles of the most important fashion prescribers and celebrities Hayley Bieber at the MET Gala.

Finally, and I think most of you will understand my enthusiasm: Most of the designs have pockets!
If you are like me, who always carry a thousand things in your hands and appreciate being able to keep them in your pockets, you can breathe easy. Although most of the women’s party collections do not have pockets, the designer Miguel de Cruces has taken this detail with his customers, which is really appreciated.

Next some unposted pics so you can see everything about the new collection!

And you, what do you like to wear to weddings? Let me know!

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  1. Estoy contigo que incorporar bolsillos a los vestidos resulta muy cómodo cuando utilizas una prenda de vestir.
    Gracias por incorporar en tu blog a este diseñador valenciano que era desconocido para mi

    1. ¡Muchas gracias por tu comentario! La verdad es que los bolsillos son un detallazo, y más importantes de lo que parecen, porque significan que el diseñador recuerda que sus diseños los van a llevar personas de verdad, con objetos que guardar y necesidades relacionadas con la comodidad.

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