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¡Get ready for a journey through the most glamorous and controversial night of the year! The MET Gala 2024 has been a whirlwind of emotions even before the red carpet was rolled out. What happens when we try to avoid controversies? Well, we end up highlighting them even more! What awaits us on this night full of surprises and controversies? Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind the most discussed outfits of the MET Gala 2024.

This year, the MET Gala has certainly been a hotbed for controversies, despite being considered one of the most glamorous events of the year. From before the red carpet, there were attempts to avoid potential controversies, which only served to highlight them even more. 

What do we mean? The MET Gala is an event to raise funds for the institute, which operates independently and needs funds to survive. Additionally, it piques people’s interest in the exhibition (Read here MET Gala 2022). This is mainly achieved because the dresses align with the exhibition’s theme, which is Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion. The Costume Institute’s archive houses around 33,000 pieces spanning 7 centuries of costume history (Read here some Fashion History). However, many are so old that they cannot be displayed on mannequins, so it has been decided to exhibit them in glass coffins, just like the sleeping beauty from the tale.

The “Sleeping Beauties Collection”

Returning to the controversy, last year, Kim Kardashian wore an original dress also worn by Marilyn Monroe, sparking a large number of criticisms and accusations of damaging the dress. To avoid the potential drama of a horde of celebrities searching for the oldest dresses and the possible deterioration of these, a different theme was chosen for the red carpet. 

Kim Kardashian MET-Gala 2023

The theme for the red carpet was decided to be “The Garden of Time”, based on a short story of the same name written by JG Ballard. Although this theme seems beautiful and could have lent itself to much more, many celebrities must have been confused because they decided to ignore it and base their outfits on the exhibition’s theme. But this confusion is just the beginning of a few… Join us to see the rest!

Kim Kardashian and the mystery of the sweater

Kim Kardashian had a somewhat turbulent start in the world of fame, as it originated from a video of her having sexual relations with a rapper, which led to a production company offering her the famous reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. This is why she has often hinted, or directly stated, that she feels at a disadvantage compared to other celebrities, and that brands do not want to collaborate with her because they consider her trashy. 

This has made her work very hard to reach where she is now, with collaborations with the biggest brands and impeccable red carpets. Last year, she already sparked controversy with her original dress also worn by Marilyn Monroe, but this shows us that Kim has access to vintage couture, which she has worn on other occasions. So what happened this year? 

Kim Kardashian MET-Gala 2024

She wore a corset dress from Maison Margiela, adorned with floral embellishments, therefore according to the dress code, over a transparent skirt, and accessorized with a simple knitted cardigan full of balls. With no rings or necklaces, no bag, and constantly covering her neckline, Kim Kardashian caused a stir, not because of the great success of the dress, which wasn’t bad, but because of how unusual it was for her and the strange cardigan she wore. Although the clean look and the loose white hair fit with the new style that the Kardashians are implementing, much more elegant, natural, and less strident, however, the corset fits between zero and nothing with the slim figure they were trying to achieve after rumors of implant removals, etc.

Kim Kardashian’s Sweater (MET-Gala 2024)

In general, she seems extremely uncomfortable, constantly covering herself, when she is the queen of poses and declares that “It refers to the craziest night of my life, in a garden. I ran out and grabbed my boyfriend’s sweater. I put it on and had to go to work” she also says that her hair is a disaster, etc. haha (the fakest laugh in the world). Although the theories we can make are endless, at Oklams we think that it was not the dress she expected to wear, and there has been a serious last-minute mishap. Why did she decide to solve it like this? We don’t know, but our bets are either that everything was a maximum disaster, or that any publicity is good publicity.

Kim Kardashian’s Interview at the MET-Gala

Doja Cat: Examining the Conceptual Design of the Water-Soaked Dress

Doja Cat is a singer who has recently become very involved in the world of fashion, appearing in front rows, wearing the most elaborate outfits you can imagine, etc. This may have been increased by her relationship with the designer and co-founder Guram Gvasalia of the VETEMENTS brand. However, these alternative outfits she wears always generate a lot of controversy on social media since they are so innovative that the public is not used to them, and in many cases, it is necessary to have context to understand the reason behind those styles, which is difficult to find out, and in this case, it has not been different. 

Outfits previously worn by Doja Cat

Doja Cat MET-Gala 2024

With a dress that resembled a long t-shirt to the feet, totally wet, and makeup that simulated a totally runny bright mascara, the singer assured that “I knew that people would wear many flowers and that’s why the flower I chose is the most used, which is cotton”

Regarding the makeup, we have to say that we like it since it is noticeable that it is very elaborate when looked at closely and it could be said to be in the vintage theme. 

Doja Cat llevó una camiseta mojada y lágrimas cromadas a la MET Gala 2024 |  Vogue

Doja Cat MET-Gala 2024

About the dress, it must be admitted that it does not generate as much rejection as others have done, it gives calmness, and the wet effect can remind of the water of a garden, however, the justification of the outfit would have gone much better saying that this is due to the dew of the gardens instead of saying that it is because of the cotton plant.

Doja Cat MET-Gala 2024

Rosalía and her bewildering explanations

Although about the rest of the controversies I have a lot to say, in this one the truth is that I don’t even know where to start, I have been 100% in shock. Rosalía, is a very relevant singer in the world of fashion, we have seen her in various front rows of Fashion Weeks around the world, and the outfits she wears during her concerts always leave a mark. What happened this red carpet? 

Outfits previously worn by Rosalía

The singer opted for a totally black dress from Dior Haute Couture and a black headdress as an accessory for her hair. Although it is a dress totally suitable for any other red carpet, in this case, it is totally and completely far from the dress code, but bad dresses are not controversy, they are simply criticized and quickly forgotten. What is controversial are the statements she made when asked what her dress was due to: “I’m wearing black because the theme is Sleeping Beauties and I thought about dreams. When you are falling asleep you close your eyes and see everything black, you see darkness”

Rosalía MET-Gala 2024

Rosalía MET-Gala 2024

WHAT? But Rosalía, what excuse is this? Although many portals have tried to justify it with other statements she made in which she commented that “I personify Lady Dior (Dior’s bag) and in the eyes of Maria Grazia (Chiuri, Creative Director of the maison)” and that this bag made Dior as a brand return to the forefront of fashion, from Oklams it still seems absurd to us, not all famous people need to be excused when they make mistakes, no matter how much we love them.

Cardi B with her Gothic Glamour and Memory Lapses

Although rapper Cardi B was incredibly dressed in a gothic glamour outfit with a black shoulderless silhouette, she was adorned with lots of tulle and a dress tail so long that they had to run to help her to place it for the photos. And many of you will wonder, if she was so spectacular where is the controversy? Is it because she didn’t go according to the dress code? Well, the truth is that it didn’t match with the theme very well, as the dress was completely black and it didn’t seem to have much to do with gardens or sleeping beauties. 

Cardi B receiving help with her dress (MET-Gala 2024)

Cardi B interviewed by Vogue (MET-Gala 2024)

However, her monumental failure, at least for fashion lovers, was that she couldn’t remember who had designed the dress for her. This is actually much more important than it seems, as many designers spend months and months designing dresses for this event, and invest a lot of money and time with the aim of promoting their designs and their brand, so not knowing who made the dress not only shows little respect for the designer and his work, but also shows little involvement in the design process of your dress. From Oklams, we think that this may be due to the fact that being a new brand, Cardi B was not able to remember its name as if it were one of the traditionally famous brands.

As we highly value creativity and the work produced behind a great outfit, we tell you that it is from the brand Windowsen. The designer of the brand is called Sensen Lii, originally from China but based in Antwerp (Belgium), and has become famous for his futuristic and alien creations (like his bug-eyed glasses and his monstrous heels) of which we leave you some examples below.

Designs from Windowsen

And so we conclude our immersion in the MET Gala 2024, where fashion mixes with controversy in a night of dazzling elegance and boundless audacity. From Kim Kardashian to Cardi B, each celebrity has given us a fragment of their own story, wrapped in fabric and adorned with jewels, causing a whirlwind of opinions and debates on social media.

Which of these controversies has seemed most interesting to you? Join the conversation and let us know your point of view! The controversy is served, and your opinion matters!

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