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With the first month of the year, the first fashion shows of The Paris Fashion Week have arrived, which, along with Milan, continues to be one of the most important in the industry. The most renowned brands in the sector have come together to present their haute couture collections, and today we will see what each fashion show offered.


Schiaparelli crowns itself as the most extravagant designs of the season. 

There is a lot of rigid figures and textures, as we see in the corset and the golden coat. Architecture inspired such figures, as they are not only rigid, but also three-dimensional. The shapes are also reminiscent of designs from the sci-fi universe, so it has probably influenced them as well.

Finally, the golden colour gives it a baroque look, which combines the future with the past. Overall, it is a very interesting and eye-catching collection that has been quite acclaimed by the public.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the bests of the fashion industry, so his shows always create quite a buzz.

This season, he has bet heavily on the working style, inspired by today’s working and modern woman. In tune with the influence, the cuts of the skirts and dresses are midi and long to the feet. The figures are extremely fluid, which combined with the long skirts, brings a lot of feminity to the designs.

The colours, except for some slightly golden designs, are mainly black and white and the range of greys.

The details are also remarkable, as we find embroidery and fancy stockings. I especially like the fantasy tights mixed with working style outfits because it is an accessory that generates new combinations and I hope to see it soon in the offices.

Giambattista Valli

Giambattista Valli’s collection makes us dream of fairy tales. Giving a lot of protagonism to bows, he creates all kinds of romantic style designs. 

In this collection, the designer uses the elements that made him famous, a lot of volumes, tulle skirts… He also uses pastels and bright colours, they give a rejuvenating aura, probably to appeal to younger buyers who are more attracted to this royal look and are not so used to the abstraction of more developed couture styles.

Finally, the collection also continues the tendency of innocent designs shown in series like ‘Emily in Paris’ and the most popular in social media, where it coexists with maxi designs.


Chanel is your trusted classic, even though you obviously see innovations in the design, the last years the style is always constant, and it feels to me like an evolution of the same collection. The key elements of the brand were obviously present, tweed jackets, neutral colours…

As for the inspiration, there is no doubt that it is equestrian, as Carlota Casiraghi demonstrated by riding a horse down the catwalk, which was one of the most talked-about events of the week.  There was also some inspiration from the 1920s as a tribute to its founder, which is seen in the party outfits, and it is definitely a success.

I like this collection, because it shows in one of the most important fashion shows how fashionable and feminine a working woman’s style can be, without having to choose between aesthetics and formality, specially in a spring/summer collection.

Stéphane Rolland

Stéphane Rolland makes a very creative bet, in which he manages to mix geometric figures, with transparencies and big volumes. I think this combination is very groundbreaking and can be very successful, as the transparency is well done and the floating figures in the clothes are something that attracts attention.

Regarding the colours, dark tones predominate, but we can also find some golden designs and nuclear white dresses. The fabrics are very fluid in their majority and have a bright tone that while being discreet makes you look more trying to see what the outfit has.

Alexandre Vauthier

Alexandre Vauthier has quickly become one of my favourite collections. Party, chic, exaggerated…

It makes you imagine yourself being one of the “It girls” of the moment, in the middle of New York at night. It includes all the existing range of colours, from pastel tones to black and passion red. 

In the lengths of the dresses, she opts for the extremes, or maxis or minis. He also uses this technique with the silhouettes, which go from completely fluid with light fabrics to much more defined silhouettes thanks to the use of shoulder pads. This use of shoulder pads is important to mention that it continues to make its appearances on the catwalks, but it has not exactly caught on with ordinary people, maybe it is because the proposals so far have been too exaggerated and some more wearable ones are needed.

As for accessories, they use only one, a small jewellery bag, which those who know me know they are my weakness. However, this lack of accessories doesn’t make the presentation boring, but rather the clean and simple style allows us to focus on designs that, in my opinion, have a lot to say for themselves.


Valentino announced his show with the phrase “An expression of the physical, a look at infinite forms” and without a doubt, this is how you can sum up his show. We have seen designs of all shapes and colours, with rhinestones, dresses with flowing silhouettes, XL ruffles, trousers, and jacket suits… 

Continuing with the topic of variety, we see models of different sizes, ages, genders, … This is very important because despite being in development, the fashion world sometimes clings to the canons of beauty that are becoming increasingly obsolete.

Regarding the colours, although there are some designs with more classic colours, spring colours such as cream, salmon, and sky blue predominate.

Finally, regarding the style we find, there is so much variety that it is difficult to define, as we find more fitted dresses with cut-outs as well as oversize dresses and even large two-piece suits with voluminous capes as we saw before.

It easily includes all possible trends for this new season, since as we mentioned before the designs are varied, so we can easily find big ruffles, feathers, and transparencies in their most sophisticated versions.

Elie Saab

If we had any doubts that maximalism continues to rule fashion today, Elie Saab’s collection clears them all up. With this tremendous explosion of colours, we are welcomed into a spring garden in the form of dresses.

I think the “subliminal” message of this festive collection is very important, and that is that society, which is represented by fashion, after these tense years full of uncertainty, wants to be happy, to celebrate, and to go out into the “garden” represented by Elie Saab’s collection.

Regarding the style, I have the feeling that it is a mix between fairy and royal core, as it has a very feminine vibe to be completely fairy style, but the floral inspiration makes it resemble the fairy-core.

Regarding the trends of the week, in this case, they are easy to identify as they stand out a lot, you can see big volumes and a lot of volumes. In general, the collections point to maximalism and volumes as the trends of the season. There is also a continuation of the trend for risky colours, however, several collections are leaning towards more neutral ones, so there are options for all tastes. 

In terms of textures, we see a lot of sequins and transparencies, with soft and flowing fabrics, as well as a continuation of the feather trend that has been present in our wardrobes for a couple of seasons now.

What was your favourite collection? Let me know!

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  1. Para mi como mujer trabajadora la de Christian Dior . Sin duda me pondría cualquiera de la colección.
    Ahora para fiesta me han parecido espectaculares los de Elie Saab

    1. Dior realmente ha hecho una muy buena colección para el día a día! Pero si es verdad que para situaciones más especiales, los vestidos de Elie Saab son muy llamativos!

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