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Although parades can no longer be attended and many events have been canceled, we are not going to give up!

So today I bring you a list of activities with which any fashion lover can entertain himself during all this time we are spending at home. I’ve chosen different areas of fashion in order to offer as much entertainment as possible. I hope you enjoy!

Trying a nail art. With all the time available, it’s the perfect time to get creative. If you want more inspo check my Pinterest

Elle Fashion School. Thanks to quarantine, many platforms are giving FREE talks, courses and master classes. An example of these platforms is the Elle Fashion School, formed by the Complutense University of Madrid, ELLE magazine and Mindway. There is a huge variety of topics such as Coco Chanel: a cultural Icon, Innovation and Fashion, Fashion Branding… The only thing needed to access is to sign in the PLATFORM

Virtual visit to the Costume Museum. The Mission of the Costume Museum is to preserve, protect and promote the collections of clothing and fashion that it keeps, as well as all the knowledge about them. It seeks to provide its visitors with a place for the exchange of knowledge and a meeting and development point

HERE are all the pieces that are exposed with detailed information on each piece.

Yves Saint Laurent Film. In Yves Saint Laurent de Jalil Lespert, you will find a representation of the life of one of the great names of French haute couture, both the aspect of his personal life and that of his working life. From his leadership position at Dior in 1957 to the creation of his own fashion house in 1961, including his relationship with Pierre Bergé, the film attempts to embody the complex creativity of the French designer.

Super Stylist App. Super Stylist is a mobile game about a girl (you) that opens a fashion stylist business and builds up a client base as you pass levels with different styling challenges. It gives you more freedom when creating the outfits than is usual in other apps. Also you have different fashion events such as “parties” with your clients, covers for magazines and catwalks. You can unlock some “designer” pieces too by playing some mini-games, and customize your own character and your clients. Even the quantity of ads can be a little bit annoying they are ussually brief so in general I’d say the game is pretty entertaining. Check here to go to the app store (I don’t get any profit its just a fashion activity I’m enjoying from home)

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