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Kayla and Dominnico (D.R.)

Dominnico is the brand that celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Rosalía or Aitana have fallen in love with.

Founded by Domingo Rodríguez in 2016, his first collection was presented Her first collection was presented in Budapest, within the European Fashion Union. At the Clec fashion festival, he showed her sixth collection, Harajuku Kids.

Among those who influence him we find Andy Dixon, Antoni Tudisco, Six N. Five, or the digital influencer Ruby Gloom: “I get inspiration from different disciplines and artists, who may be talking about the same code as my brand. It is not that I like Andy Dixon, but that I value the concept of color, brush strokes or fitting impressionism of the 21st century into a baroque work “.


The color pink makes its appearance again, this time in pastel shades, again proving that it will be one of the season’s undisputed colors.

Crop tops and miniskirts are also very present; showing how after a long time with the dominance of the “midi”, we return to an aesthetic more related to the 2000s.

Related to the 2000s we also find entirely metalized outfits.

Maximalism. It is easy to detect both in the volumes of the garments, as the sparkliness and the size of the bows. Also in the shoes, which were designed also by dominnico in a collaboration.

Finally, the tulle remains as one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to giving it a touch of innocent femininity and elegance to any outfit.



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