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On the 29th of November, we once again experienced one of the most awaited events in the fashion world, the British Fashion Awards. These brought together a large number of celebrities, models, and designers with the aim of rewarding those who have enabled the evolution of the fashion world on the 3 essential pillars of the British Fashion Council: environment, people, and creativity.

Although after last year’s online version, there was great excitement to return to the red carpet, the joy was marred by the recent death of Virgil Abloh, creative director of LV and CEO of the Off-White brand, who received tributes at the beginning of the ceremony and from several of the attendees.

The gala was hosted by Billy Porter in collaboration with TikTok, and here’s the first look of the night, defying, as usual, the gender roles he arrived in a long dress with houndstooth print and with sculpted shoulders by designer Richard Quinn. He made a spectacular entrance accompanied by dancers dressed in jumpsuits, made by the same designer.

Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images Via CNN Style

Credit: Mike Marsland/WireImage/Getty Images Via CNN Style

The most notable colours in the British Fashion Awards were:

Mona Tougaard (GARETH CATTERMOLE/BFC via Elle SP)

Indya Moore

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

The classic red: a very appropriate colour for the approaching Christmas season, which we have been able to see in more festive attire, like that of Mona Tougaard, and more elegant ones like the one of Indya Moore.

Neon, which we are gradually getting used to seeing in more formal events and not only in urban garments. Tiffany Hsu and Gabrielle Union are good examples of how to wear the colour appropriately for a red carpet.

Tiffany Hsu

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Gabrielle Union wearing Valentino

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Mia Regan

(Shutterstock via Vogue UK)

Demi Moore wearing Fendi

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Finally, black, another classic that people consider to be very stylish, but I think is a bit overrated, as it takes away the luminosity of the face, so to wear it you have to wear a great neckline and/or jewelry that provides that light that is lost.

Some celebrities who follow this trick are Mia Regan and Demie Moore, who although she doesn’t exactly wear jewelry, uses a silver gradient and a neckline that does the same illuminating effect.

The most noticeable aesthetic elements of the event were the variety of textures, many years a style becomes fashionable and that becomes “the norm” of the red carpets, however this time we have seen embroidered outfits like Tan France’s suit, transparencies as in Stella Maxwell’s mini dress, puffy outfits like Kriss Jenner and Simone Rocha’s and even pleated skirts as in Munroe Bergdorf’s outfit.

Tan France wearing Mohsin Naveed Ranjha

(British Fashion Council via Pop Sugar)

Stella Maxwell wearing Saint Laurent  

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Kriss Jenner wearing Tommy Hilfiger

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Eoin Mcloughlin and Simone Rocha


Munroe Bergdorf wearing Robert Wun 

(Getty Images via Elle UK)

Likewise, the search for volume in most of the outfits is notable. In some cases, such as Winnie Harlow’s puffed sleeves or Susanna Lau’s tulle dress, this is achieved with the use of pieces that have volume on their own. The draping technique is also used, as in the case of Billie Piper and Miquita Oliver.

Winnie Harlow wearing Moncler

Susanna Lau (Getty Images Via Elle UK)

Billie Piper wearing Vivienne Westwood.
(Getty Images Via Elle UK)

Miquita Oliver
(Getty Images Via Elle UK)

Finally, I would like to highlight the designs of Richard Quinn, who, as we mentioned earlier, dressed Billy Porter. He was actually one of the five designers competing to win the BFC Foundation Award, which honors emerging talent. It’s safe to say that his designs dominated the red carpet, the most eye-catching ones being the floral print dresses worn by Priyanka Chopra, Bella Poarch, and Rina Sawayama. I find very interesting how he is able to combine floral prints, an undoubtedly romantic element, with leather that brings a more bad girl style, but does not become tawdry/horror, but creates a combination that catches us.

Demonstrating his versatility, Richard Quinn is also the designer of the dresses of tik-toker Addison Rae and Ella Balinska, who has a simpler style and without so much volume.

Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas
(Via Pop Sugar)

Bella Poarch
(Via Pop Sugar)

Rina Sawayama
(Via Pop Sugar)

Addison Rae
(Via Pop Sugar)

Ella Balinska
(Via Pop Sugar)

What about you? What styles did you like the most? Would you dare to wear any of Richard Quinn’s designs?

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