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“Another way of dressing is possible”

In this exhibition, the different designers demonstrate their awareness of the changes fashion production is experiencing, as lately it had been influenced by the invisibility of the designers who create unique pieces, the climate change and therefore the seeking of a more sustainable fashion and finally the promotion of the creativity in fashion.
As we can see below the details are a predominant theme in each outfit.

The first outfit is from Eugenio Loarce, who has paraded his creations on national and international catwalks such as Valencia, Cibeles, and in countries such as Uruguay and Mexico. You can see the influence that the craft has had in his career for the crochet that has been used for the whole outfit and his skill in giving a different perspective to one of the trends of the season.

The following outfit is designed by Paco Roca, self-defined as the tailors of the 21st century. This design has caught my attention because it is the only one oriented to the male sector in the entire exhibition. The golden reflections of the t-shirt (which you can see in the Details Gallery) they give a modern look while giving it elegance. Finally the print seems to me a daring combination, since I am very used to plain-colored male suits, but completely successful.

The next outfit is designed by the valencian designer Daluna. The red and lingerie details make it a especially seductive piece. Finally the V-neckline and the combination of layers of different fabrics follows the current trends, but without any specific innovation.

This outfit, designed by Cubero Quesada is one of my favourites. The fearless chose of what I called a risky colour and the final result, amazes me. The darker orange sweater and boots’ sole makes the monochromatic outfit avoid becoming a plain and boring one. Additionally, the midi skirt, shows how the designer keeps up with the latest trends of “street styling”, and I really like the split of it, which gives to the piece sensuality while maintaining its elegance. Ultimately the combination of different textures its so creative, with a satined skirt and a ritzo sweater.

Francis Montesinos doesn’t really need an introduction, as it is one of the representatives of Spanish’ fashion around the world. His design is sophisticated and flowery with the huge influence of Spring.

We have now Hortensia Maeso design, which can be described as the dress that every princess would dream about. Soft pink, vaporous and frilly, it would be perfect for a ball, or a more realistic case, a dressed up event, such a weeding or prom ball.

The last design is from Juan Vidal, winner of contests such as ModaFad and Who’s On Next’ by Vogue. This three pieces set has very colorful reflections that I’m in love with, but it is clearly for slaying at a night party.

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