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Continuing with the wedding and guest collections, today I bring you the unpublished fashion show of Aoconcept, which took place at the Ateneo Mercantil in Valencia on the 1st of June. The event’s host was Inma Aznar; one of the most relevant fashion journalists in the Valencian press and director of the radio program “La Ventana de la Moda”. The fashion show represented an incredible journey and was divided into four exclusive capsule collections: New York, Valencia, Andalusia, and Africa.
The collections have elements that are very much Aoconcept’s own and are inspired by their tastes, experiences, and dreams.


New York:

For the designers, New York represents the land of dreams and opportunities. This collection is aimed at transgressive and original brides, those who seek to break with the aesthetic canons that are considered obligatory at weddings and include new colours, shapes, and fabrics. These dresses are mainly wedding dresses and are characterized by the use of Denim, silk, sequins, midi skirts, tops and very sensual silhouettes.


In this collection, a lot of importance is given to silk, as in Valencia it was in great demand and considered one of its greatest riches. Many brocades are also included, as they have a lot to do with Valencian clothing. Aoconcept considers that sometimes silk and brocades are not valued as a cultural element by Valencians, but that it is very important as designers to fight to preserve and share the aesthetic elements of our land.


This collection is inspired by traditional and iconic elements of Andalusia, such as the Giralda in Seville and the courtyards of Córdoba.
The main colours are black, which is related to passion, and polka dots, which represent the exaltation of joy and happiness. The designs in this capsule collection seek to emphasize the idea of femininity and the passionate woman, the latter being the connection between the four collections. The elements used in these designs are voluminous dresses, shirt dresses, ruffles, and fringes.

The most beautiful thing about the Andalusia capsule collection is to see how the garments seek to convey that you have to live life in a very intense way and enjoy it to the fullest.


It is the last destination of the fashion show, animal print and fuchsia pink, inspired by the Moroccan sunset, are used as the main element of the capsule collection. Regarding the garments, a great variety is sought, wide garments, mini dresses, and tunics; all of them with a mixture of textures.
It is the collection with the most fusion, and in my opinion, it shows how the elements of Aoconcept do not only travel around Spain but also to the nearest continent, internationalizing their designs.

In the first three capsule collections, the aim is to vindicate the Spanish roots. Many international designers have spent years and years using cultural elements from Spain, while the locals are often unable to appreciate them, seeing fabrics such as brocades as antique elements. However, on the international scene, many celebrities bet on Made in Spain garments, such as Sarah Jessica Parker with Manolos shoes.

In the last collection, as I mentioned before, they show an internationalization of the designs. Despite wanting to vindicate Spanish elements, they are also able to admire elements from other areas of the world and combine them with Spanish fashion.

What was your favourite collection? Let me know in the comments!

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