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Miguel de Cruces Fashion Show

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to contemplate for the first time, the collection of the designer Miguel de Cruces

Taking place in a risky venue, a class, the creator demonstrated how when a collection is good, it doesn’t matter where you see it, as it stands out above everything.

Inspired in the floral universe, the collection surprises with a great range of silks, embroideries, tulles, and rhinestones that combine to create a very sophisticated style. The elegance and detail showed, surprises when you discover the recent completion of his design studies. 

On one hand, we can see references to the trends of the season such as metallic details and reflections, the feathers, the color pink which can be interpreted as a reference to Schiaparelli’s work with the “shocking pink” the capes in diverse styles, such as the traditional cape, but including some shoulder pads that differentiates it from the ones we can see in actually in the market; besides the game of including capes of light fabrics under the shirts and not as a part of them shows his distinction from what has become more usual these last years.

On the other hand, we can see how he keeps his personal style and captures his love for flowers and the topic “garden” giving us what I would consider an extremely romantic collection.

Without entertaining more, here is the video of the fashion show, so you can form your own opinions.

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